Friday, September 23, 2005

Baby's First Christmas (Part 1)

Baby's First Christmas ... ahhh, what a special time! It will only happen once, so you might as well take advantage of it.

As the parents, what better way to show off your Pride and Joy than to give out pictures of your precious little one?! And a framed picture is a complete gift.

The Christmas before my niece got married, she gave everyone a framed picture of the future Mr and Mrs. Instead of giving just the picture itself where we would then have to go out and buy a frame (and maybe never get around to ever framing and displaying her picture,) she gave us everything we needed in order to display the picture right away. Excellent idea!

But why not carry that idea a step further? Instead of just giving a framed picture of your cutie-pie, why not give the picture in a personalized frame?! And by giving a frame personalized with your child's name, you know that whoever you give the gift to will always have to keep a picture of your precious child in that frame ... because no other picture will fit the personalization. Sneaky, or what?!

And then over the years, the picture can just be changed as your child grows older. Truly a gift to last a lifetime!

While basic frames can be obtained anywhere, Personal
is a great place to get personalized frames. I used them last Christmas and was very pleased with the product and the service.


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