Monday, September 26, 2005

Baby's First Christmas (Part 2)

As the grandparents, a doting aunt or uncle, or even godparents, Baby's First Christmas can be the beginning of a special tradition to go along with that special relationship as the child grows up. Why not start a collection to be added to every Christmas?

You might want to consult with the parents if you'd like some ideas, but that is not necessary. This will be gift from you for the special little one, a gift that will mean more as the child grows older.

My sister-in-law began such a collection for our niece at her very first Christmas. Now that she is 9, she can appreciate the collection of ceramic bears that her mother has held in safe-keeping for her all these years. They give her special memories of the aunt who gives them to her. The bears obviously were not toys she could play with she received them, but now that she is older she can appreciate the new one she gets every year.

Collections can be based on any theme. And the choice is obviously based on the giver, as well as whether it is for a boy or a girl. Bears and dolls are always great for girls, while trains and animals or other figurines are great for boys.

Be sure to select carefully when starting a collection. You want to know that the collection and the source will be available for years to come.


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