Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Big Photo Cover-Up

Whether you would like to snuggle up when the weather is cool or cover up when the weather is warm, why not do it in style?

A unique way to display some favorite photos would be on fabric. Photo quilts are made using several photos based on a theme ... family photos, celebrating a wedding or anniversary, baby photos and memorabilia, etc. A photo afghan is made from a single photo that is actually knitted into the pattern, not screen-printed on the top. Either of these heirloom gifts would be great for displaying around the house.

But another great type of gift could be one to take outside the house and actually use. What about a photo beach towel for a birthday or anniversary gift?! I think it would be kind of hard to "lose" that at the beach or the community swimming pool. After all, if your picture is on the towel ....

Be sure to choose your pictures wisely though ... these are for keeps! Personal Creations has a great gift selection of photos on fabric. Just select "Quilts & Pillows" to see what they have to offer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This kind of gift "keeps on giving."


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