Friday, October 21, 2005

The Gift of Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, we so often forget about the Gift of Time. We're so busy doing, doing, doing, and going, going, going, that TIME becomes a priceless commodity and one we so easily "lose."

Spending quality time as a family can be one of the hardest things to do. Finding the time is tough enough ... but then what can you do that is fun and relationship-building, yet not stressful (for the parents) or boring (for the older kids,) and that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or ability?! It's a tall order but with a little planning and brainstorming, your family can come up with something.

One idea would be to have a Family Night. Pick a night of the week and plan family activities. You could stay home, order a pizza, and play board games or work a puzzle. When the weather is nice, you could go play miniature golf. Or rent a funny movie, pop popcorn and watch the movie together. The possibilities are endless ... and they do not have to be costly.

Or find a project that your family can work on. The project can be a one-time thing or an on-going activity. Be creative and ask for input from everyone. You could grow flowers from seeds, then transplant them to small clay pots you've decorated and deliver them to some of the older folks in your neighborhood. Or make Christmas ornaments and take them to a nursing home to deliver to the residents. You might even want to occasionally reach out a little and include a neighbor kid or friend from school whose parents aren't home much.

Spending time with your family will be the BEST gift that any of you can give to each other ... as well as to yourself. Family togetherness, the true gift of time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How true! Family togetherness has almost been lost in today's world. Recently TVLand was promoting "The Family Table" just trying to get families to eat one meal together. How much we have lost!!


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