Monday, October 03, 2005

An Ornament By Any Other Name

OK, when you buy ornaments for yourself, you tend to buy complete sets that either match or are coordinated. That's fine and makes for a beautiful Christmas tree with a theme. Nothing wrong with that ... but you would never give that type of ornament as a gift. Everyone wants to choose their own basic theme, but you can spice things up when giving ornaments as gifts.

Here again, you could buy a set and give each ornament to a different person. You could also make it part of a mix-n-match gift (coming in a future post.) But a really fun ornament to give someone is a personalized one.

Last year I took advantage of the after-Christmas specials and bought personalized ornaments for each of the younger children in my extended family. I can't wait to see their faces when they open up their gift this year and find their own ornament ... with their own name on it! It will be a fun Christmas.

Personalization Mall is a great place to find some adult- or kid-cool personalized ornaments. And since the personalization is done specifically for your order, you know the spelling will be correct!


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