Saturday, October 01, 2005

When an Ornament is More Than Just an Ornament

Continuing on with the Christmas ornament theme, why not buy sets of special ornaments and break them up?! Umm ... break up the set, not the ornaments themselves!

Rather than just using a traditional ribbon bow, get creative and decorate your package with something they'll want to keep and use year after year. A carefully selected ornament can be such a decoration.

Now, I say "carefully selected" for several reasons. In our family, my dad plays Santa at our big family get-together every year so he hands out all the gifts. Actually, he often tosses them instead of just handing them. So you need to make sure that the decoration ornament you choose can handle a little abuse or mistreatment and that it will stay on the package as it is transported from place to place before it is opened.

Look for ornaments that are small in size (although a larger package could handle a larger ornament,) sturdy in construction, and that are cute or attractive. The ornaments in the set can all be identical or they can all be slightly different. Just be sure that each ornament can stand on its own merit. (Don't buy a nativity scene set and give Mary to one person, Joseph to another, and Baby Jesus to another! Not to mention, no one would want to get the donkey!)

By buying sets of ornaments, you cut down on the cost of each one and yet you are able to decorate your package in a unique way. Buy a set that you personally would like and then keep one of the ornaments for yourself! Check out Terry's Village for some great ornament sets and make your gifts stand out from everyone else's.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite was an ornament with a grandchild's picture on it. What a sweet memory as I hang it each year!

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