Monday, November 07, 2005

Family Photo Christmas Cards

Even in this day when emailing is so prevalent, my parents still receive numerous Christmas cards every year. And my mom still hangs them on the walls. It's always fun to go around and look at all the cards, to see who sent them, and to choose the prettiest or funniest or most meaningful ones.

But some of the ones I've always enjoyed the most are the Photo Post Cards. It's fun to watch a family change throughout the years. Kids grow up, hairstyles change, people get older. They represent family history in pictures.

I have a friend from college that sends one out every year along with a newsletter telling of her family's activities throughout the year. Since we live in different parts of the country, I've never met her husband or her children. But I feel almost as if I know them because I've watched the kids grow up over the years and read the letters telling about their activities and interests.

Photo Post Cards are a great tradition to begin when just starting your lives together as a family (or at any point in time!) and then to continue throughout the years. Those are Christmas "cards" that people actually keep instead of throwing away or recyling.

With 30 border designs to choose from, why not consider sending
Photo Post Cards this year ... even if it's just you and your dog or cat.


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