Friday, November 11, 2005

The Gift of Caring (Part 1)

Thanksgiving is a time when most of us get together as families and enjoy too much good food and maybe even too much togetherness. But it's tradition, right?

Well, what many of us forget is, not everyone has family they can gather with. Not everyone can have an abundance of food to "pig out on." And not everyone feels like they have something to be thankful for. Has your family ever considered what Thanksgiving could be like if your circumstances were different?

What if you were homeless and living on the streets? What if you lived in a third world country? What if you didn't even have the money to heat your home on what is often a very cold day of the year? Could you find something to be thankful for in those situations?

Hopefully you will never be in need of the basic essentials of life. But there are many who are there ... everyday ... day in and day out. And those people could use your help. Not your pity and not even just your money. But how about a little of your time?

Why not get several of your family members or friends together this Thanksgiving and go help serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter in your town or a nearby city?

Or maybe you travel out of town every Thanksgiving and really can't do something personally on Thanksgiving Day. How about donating funds to help the less fortunate in another country? Why not provide a goat for a family or buy a small grove of 10 fruit trees to help a family generate additional income? World Vision has many ways you can contribute in seemingly small ways that mean so much more in third world countries.

Get your kids involved in something like this and watch their eyes shine! What can you do for others this Thanksgiving?


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