Friday, November 04, 2005

A Letter from Santa

When a child still believes in Santa Claus, the traditions and tales about Santa's role at Christmastime are very important. Gotta be good, gotta have a list, gotta go to bed early on Christmas Eve, and so on. And most important, letting Santa know that "special" gift that is so wished for.

Communicating with Santa is somewhat ambiguous to a small child ... and usually requires the help from a cooperative adult. So what if, instead of your child sending a letter to Santa this year, they received a letter from him?

What could be more special to a small child than getting a letter from Santa? And if he knows their name, their best friend's name and the name of the town they live in, he must be real after all, right? And if Santa is "real," then it's natural to want to do as tradition advocates and be nice all year long.

If you have a small child or grandchild that still believes in Santa Claus, why not have a letter from Santa sent to them to make for an exciting and memorable Christmas this year. Personalized Letters from Santa offers several choices in order to make them very personalized. This is a gift your child will want to keep for years to come.


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