Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas at the Office

Co-workers are some of the hardest people to buy gifts for. You "know" them well because you spend so much time with them and yet you don't "know" them well on a personal level. You feel you should buy them gifts but don't really want to spend a lot of time or money on their gifts, so what can you do?!

Gift baskets are a great way to handle multiple gifts with some ease. While the gift basket may sound generic, it is actually one of the most personable of all gifts if you take the time to make it unique to you. Create a basket that will say, “This is a present from your favorite co-worker.”

Gift baskets that you make yourself can actually be quite low in cost because many of the items can be bought in bulk and then just split up between them all. The gift basket can also be of any size - depending on what you have to put in it. And it won't be a problem that everyone has the same gift because they will all be talking for weeks about the great “theme” basket they got from you.

You could choose a movie theme and your basket could include microwave popcorn, candy, and a classic DVD or gift certificates to your local rental store. Or how about an emergency kit for the car trunk? Simply go to your local discount store and buy travel packs of your basic first-aid items, a bottle or two of water, beef jerky, and a flashlight (don't forget the batteries!)

And while they are commonly referred to as gift "baskets," there is no reason why the "holder" needs to be a basket. Instead of using an actual basket, you can use anything that goes with your theme.

Get creative and maybe a theme that is related to your company would also be a great idea.


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